The Poached Eggs Reddit Is Calling 'Pure Art'


Eggs are probably the easiest thing to cook, aside from being delicious, filling, and healthy. It's one of people's favorite sources of protein, especially non-meat eaters. Eggs are brunch kings and queens, always making a spot in your morning classics. Plus, eggs can be enjoyed in so many ways and shapes. The list includes scrambled eggs, fried eggs, French-style omelets, hardboiled eggs, and lastly, poached eggs. These last ones are probably the hardest ones to do, requiring extra utensils and technique.

To make poached eggs, you need to boil water — some people use chicken stock — crack the eggs and drop the whites and intact yokes in the boiling water. You then wait until it looks poached. Secrets for perfect poached eggs come and go such as including a strainer in the whole process. Sounds tricky, doesn't it? Some lucky people have been able to master it and brag about it on social media. Other foodies are just able to enjoy it and talk about it.

Food love can reach the craziest levels. For instance, there is a whole subreddit dedicated to eggs. A certain poached egg photo went above and beyond and receive more than just "it looks delicious" comments. A Redditor commented that this plate with three poached and perfectly cut yolk-running eggs was "pure art." The user cried virtual tears (through a cry face emoji) over the eggs.

Reddit loves poached eggs cut in the middle with the yolk beautifully running on the plate

The picture on Reddit shows a plate with three poached eggs laid over a white plate, with two of them cut in the middle. They are topped with salt, pepper, and what looks like parsley. All of them look solid, thick, and not runny or squishy like when done in the microwave.

The poached eggs received compliments like "beautiful," and "sexy." One user even called them "seggsy." Another user urged the original poster to spill the secrets to make "such perfect poached eggs." Most restaurants serve poached eggs over English muffins and with hollandaise on top, known as eggs benedict, and it is usually difficult to admire just the eggs as in the picture. Also, poached eggs normally look like a bag, not like a "perfect little envelope," as a user commented.

The Redditor who posted the picture didn't reply to the post, but there was one user that wasn't surprised at all. "Sadly, like with everything we see these days, it's marketing," the comment read. The user then explained that this shot might be just food styled, and not actually made to eat but for an Instagram shot. The user also assumed that this was diluted with vinegar, and scissors trimmed. However, no matter the technique or the intention, most followers did enjoy admiring a work of art made with some egg whites and yolk. It was a dish worth digging into.

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